Portt's Partners

At Portt, we believe in the power of collaboration and community. We are proud to partner with a diverse group of organizations and brands that share our vision and commitment to excellence. Our partners play a vital role in helping us deliver innovative solutions and exceptional experiences to our clients.

The Bloom Club

The Bloom Club is a joy focused space for young women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is an isolating experience with lasting mental & emotional impacts. Bloom aims to bridge connections among women, provide peer support, encouragement & shared adventure. Bloom Club fosters a supportive community through carefully curated socials & planned events. These gatherings serve as a haven for women to find solace & build friendships with others who understand their experience. Follow us! @THE.BLOOMCLUB

Brighter Magazine

Brighter’s mission is to benefit the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being of women affected by cancer. We accomplish our mission through our publication and programs that encourage, equip, educate and empower women from their initial cancer diagnosis throughout survivorship. Brighter Magazine is a nonprofit that provides its publications and programs to survivors at little to no cost and relies on donations from individuals and wonderful businesses, who generously donate to ensure women with cancer have access to the resources they need.

Lion-ess Retreat

Pride Cancer Retreat, operating as Lion-ess Retreat, is an annual gathering aimed at nurturing a community spirit among young individuals confronting breast and/or gynecological cancer. The inception of this initiative stemmed from the founder's own journey battling breast cancer. During her treatment, Yahira Torres, sought to unite with other young, diverse individuals navigating similar hardships. Through the creation of a supportive network, she established a retreat to honor these individuals through communal experiences, empowerment initiatives, and cohesive bonding.


At Perky, we’re here to support you throughout your breast cancer journey. We’ve merged medical expertise with a spa-like experience to ensure comfort and revival of body and mind. Through innovative techniques and curated services, our hope is to restore confidence, beauty, and quality of life in all affected by breast cancer.

The Breasties

The Breasties is the first all-inclusive nonprofit organization that creates community for survivors, previvors, thrivers, and carevivors, impacted by breast and gynecologic cancers. We’re on a mission to support and improve the experiences of the cancer community through peer-to-peer connection, resources, and advocacy. The Breasties is a 501(c) nonprofit organization, founded in 2018. For more information on The Breasties, visit www.thebreasties.org and follow The Breasties on Instagram @the_breasties.

Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer

Through FREE stipends, survivorship therapy, and ongoing advocacy work, Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer provides support, encouragement, and education to the Breast Cancer Community. Their purpose is bringing community together while empowering individuals to thrive beyond their diagnosis.

Well Beyond Breast Cancer

Well Beyond Breast Cancer is one of the first 501(c)3 non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of the breast cancer community through increased accessibility to breast cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy. It is their mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of race, educational background, and income, has access to essential cancer care during, after, and beyond breast cancer.

Their Financial Assistance Program provides those affected by breast cancer and in need of financial support with no-cost appointments of breast cancer rehabilitation with specialized physical/occupational therapists in the US. To learn more about the organization and their Financial Assistance Program, you can visit their website.

Portt's Ambassadors

Our Instagram ambassadors are an integral part of the Portt family. They bring our brand to life through their creativity, passion, and dedication. Each ambassador helps us reach new audiences and showcases our products in unique and inspiring ways.


My name is Cait and I live with my two rescue dogs in Phoenix, Arizona. In February of 2020, at the age of 33, I was diagnosed with de novo, triple positive metastatic breast cancer, with a single bone met in my sternum. I spent the majority of 2020 navigating the pandemic, 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and 2 surgeries before being declared NED (no evidence of disease) in December of that year.

I don’t take my NED status for granted and since my diagnosis, I have dove into the Advocacy space with organizations like The BreastiesCancer CultureMetavivorDonor Network of Arizona, and Genentech.


Hi, my name is Em Jamieson, and I'm an outpatient onco-palliative nurse based out of Houston, TX! I'm a Duke Blue Devil nurse and have been working in oncology for 6 years. I love creating educational, entertaining content about cancer and oncology nursing, and I never shy away from an opportunity to celebrate my field. I am stoked about working with Portt as an ambassador, and I look forward to what our future holds!


Michelle is a LA and NYC-based breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Stage 1b hormone positive breast cancer at the age of 27. Before her diagnosis, she helped build a cancer center from the ground up and managed its daily operations. She is currently a Patient Experience manager at a cancer health system. Michelle's passion is to pay it forward to the cancer community by using her professional skills and personal experiences at work and through social media. Her mission is to help individuals impacted by cancer to navigate their unique journeys, survivorship, health and wellness, and everything in between. Follow her journey on Instagram and her blog!


Mindy is an 8-year breast cancer survivor who finds great meaning in sharing her story while advocating for breast health education for young people. Her “why” lies in carving out a soft spot to land for those newly diagnosed, whether in her geographic community or on her social media platforms. Her hope is that by doing so, she can sow breadcrumbs of hope for those who will find themselves entering this community in 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years. Mindy treasures the space she keeps, aiming to foster an environment where lifelong connections can be formed and robust community can be built.


Natasha Ewa is a 36yo wife, mother, psychotherapist, private practice owner, photographer, author and stage 2 breast cancer survivor who is in her 6th year of remission. Natasha received her diagnosis of estrogen receptor positive, Her2 negative, grade 3 breast cancer, at the age of 29, and less than 2 months after her wedding. Natasha's personal mission is to provide education to other men and women about the layered facets of the human encounter with a life changing experience, such as breast cancer in addition to encouraging peaceful living. Connect with Natasha on Instagram or Facebook


Sara was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 31. She went through a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation during the pandemic. Sara is now on endocrine therapy for the next ten years. She began writing poetry during her treatment to help her cope and found it to be a nice way to connect with other cancer rebels. Sara also co-founded the Bloom Club which is a safe space for young women who have experienced to go on adventures together. @the.bloomclub

We are grateful for the contributions of all our partners and ambassadors. Together, we continue to build a vibrant and dynamic community that strives for excellence in everything we do.