About Us

  • How it started

    Our story begins on February 26, 2020, with the three words no one wants to hear: "you have cancer." Chemotherapy followed.

  • What came next

    Treatment for ovarian cancer left me feeling out of control and eager to hold on to pieces of my pre-diagnosis life.

  • Hi, I'm Allie!

    Born and raised on a farm in rural North Carolina, my grandmother Louise inspired a love of sewing and textiles from a young age.

    Six years and two degrees later from the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University (go pack!), I spent the next decade working in the textile industry between North Carolina and Germany.

    I gained experience understanding the ins and outs of digital textile printing, on-demand manufacturing, product development, and marketing to US-based folks and communities throughout Europe.

  • Over time I grew a deeper and deeper appreciation for thoughtful design that was accessible to all. I don't believe you should have to sacrifice function for design in any situation. When in February 2020 I received those 3 heartbreaking words of a cancer diagnosis I was thrown into a world where little thought is made for products past functionality.

  • My frustration from the lack of well-designed garments for patients to wear during treatment resulted in a home-sewn, simple shirt that allowed for easier port access. This was something simple to make that allowed me to feel comfortable and confident during visits where port access was necessary. And it is from this experience that Portt was born!

Modern port-accessible clothing.

  • Clothing we hope you never need.

    Portt is a modern apparel brand that brings port-accessible options to people undergoing chemotherapy who want to maintain their sense of style without sacrificing function.

  • Made in the United States.

    Sewn in Boston, Massachusetts. We carefully select our manufacturing partners to bring you thoughtfully designed, comfortable clothing made with consciously sourced materials.