What should I bring to chemo?

Today's post comes from our Founder, Allie Tate. One trait to know about Allie is that she is a planner. Whether it's planning for an upcoming trip, her son's birthday, a home renovation or a dinner party, she's probably been thinking about her plan for weeks and if it's visual, there's likely a Miro board to curate her ideas. Chemotherapy was something she wasn't sure how to plan for. Research left her feeling overwhelmed and with more questions than she started with. Below you'll find a simple list of items she found useful to have along at each infusion. 

First chemotherapy infusion

Preparing for your first round of chemo is daunting. But knowing what to throw in your tote bag to make the experience a little more relaxed will help take some of the edge off. Here's a quick list of all the essentials to bring along to help you get through this first big step in your cancer journey: 

  • Water bottle - Stanley's 40-ounce Quencher is my favorite for helping ensure I'm drinking enough water
  • Snacks - my go-to were PB&J sandwiches, blueberries and a sweet treat like dark chocolate! 
  • Cold gloves/slippers to help minimize neuropathy 
  • Headphones
  • iPad/Kindle with some entertainment - audio books or podcasts were my favorites 
  • Cozy sweater, socks (in not using cold slippers) or a blanket. My hospital provided warm blankets that were awesome! 
  • A list of current prescriptions
  • Questions for your doctor - it always helped me to keep a running list in the Notes app on my phone as there was a 100% chance I'd forget something (hello chemo brain!)
  • A support person - Luckily I was still allowed to bring one person with me to each infusion despite it being spring 2020 right at the start of the pandemic. My husband joined me for each session and it was so helpful having someone there for support! 

Black and white canvas tote bag embroidered with Portt

Looking for a sturdy tote to keep all your chemo items organized and ready to go? Our Portt tote bag is a great companion to infusions having space for everything you might need and features a deep exterior pocket, providing a safe place with easy access to put your keys or phone while out and about. 

What items did you find most helpful to have with you during your treatments? 

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